Dave Fuqua has been hunting fossils since his childhood.  Tutored personally by resident paleontologist Diane Gabriel as a teenager. Dave went on to study under elite paleontologist Jack Horner at Montana State and has even done a dig with him in Mongolia.  Dave was once a volunteer Paleoranger for Makoshika State Park and was a correspondent for the Museum of the Rockies.  The Museum of the Rockies just completed excavation of a triceratops Dave found in 2015.  Now Dave has found a love sharing his passion for paleontology through his Dinodave videos and educating the public with firsthand experience of finding a dinosaur. He continues to do correspondent work for several museums.



Possible specimens we could find


  • Crocodiles, Turtles, Champsosaur vertebra and Gar scales. This only makes sense since we will be exploring ancient river beds. I can about guarantee you will find these.

  • Triceratops and more Triceratops. "The buffalo of the Hell Creek"

  • T-rex and Hadrosaurs.


  • Dromeasaurs and velociraptors and other Therapods. These meat eating carnivores are always a cool find

  • Pachycephalosaurus, Thescalosaurs and many more!